Bubble Wand Lightsaber Craft

lightsaber craft star wars party favor

Are your kids crazy for Star Wars?  It is just creeping in to our house but it’s taken over playtime at some friends’ house . With an upcoming play date I knew I had to turn the extra bubble wands from my daughter’s birthday party into some bubble wand lightsabers . This would be a great lightsaber craft for a Star Wars themed birthday party. My son was happily playing batman and politely declined playing with the finished craft because ” Batman doesn’t play with lightsabers mom.” Oh how silly of me.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need an empty bubble wand, black duct or electrical tape, a silver pipe cleaner and a round sticker/ label.
  2. Start by taking the wand out of the handle, throw it away or recycle it if you are able to.
  3. Next wrap the silver pipe cleaner around the handle.
  4. Add tape, make sure to secure the ends of the pipe cleaner under a few layers of tape.
  5. Repeat on the other side.
  6. Add the circle label.
  7. Ready to play …just not with Batman
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  1. says

    To increase the awesomeness try adding a dollar star bracelet glow stick inside the wand! 🙂


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