Geography Game For Kids

geography lesson

My husband and I traveled a lot internationally before kids and we want to share our love and curiosity for other countries with our kids. Like many with young kids we aren’t up to taking them to all these places just yet. Instead we read lots of books , look at lots of pictures ( our own and others) and play games like this one that GASP uses flash cards . This geography game for kids is so simple and will spark your child’s wanderlust!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a globe or map, and some fun geography flash cards.
  2. Start by having your child pick a card. Ask them by looking at the picture where they think it might be. Wild guesses or close calculations are wqually good, this is all about exploring from your own playroom, not getting facts “right”.
  3. Flip it over and find out where it is.
  4. Next find it on the map.
  5. Keep going as long as it’s fun.
  6. Beware for wee sisters who swipe the landmarks.

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  1. Josie says

    I have to say I’ve been following your blog for so long you have me a little brainwashed. Before doing something like this I always have to ask myself, “what would the lady at notimeforflashcards do?” I’m glad you approve of them sometimes! I love this idea and I’m dying to get a globe or world map!

  2. says

    This is actually a nice idea for kids to enjoy and learn. And it is ideal for them at this point for they are more curious about things around them. Visual learning is such a great approach for kids, bet those moms out there would be inspired with this activity.

  3. says

    That’s a really fun idea. If you travel alot, or have family travel alot, you could collect postcards as well, and it would make the game a little more personal. I may use this game sometime. I’ll check back with you and link up if I do.:) I’m a new follower, thanks so much!


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