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Crafts,books, activities and everything else you need to have fun with your kids can be found Monday through Saturday here on No Time For Flash Cards. Sunday however is a little bit special, it’s when you share what you have been doing, creating and learning over the past week.  You may not know how amazing the early learning and kids’ crafts community is but we are and this linky reminds me of that every Sunday. Thanks for linking up and sharing .

Have a great week!


    • admin says

      I hope your weekend is wonderful too. My baking was a hit ! The applesauce was amazing, muffins were delicious and the apple crisp was good too. I am looking for more apple recipes because even after all that our trees are full of apples.

  1. Tabitha (Growing Up Homeschooled) says

    I linked up two because I could not choose. It was so hard!

    Thanks for hosting each week. :)

  2. says

    sorry I linked up twice… I thought I had already, but I didn’t see it…so I did it again oops! 😀 Thanks for hosting such a great link up! Would love it if you came and linked up with me sometime at field trip friday or my geography hop!!

  3. says

    I realize you must get tons of these.
    Just wanted to send out a thanks.
    Thanks for being here.

    I’m up late, WAS dreading tomorrow and took a peak over here and it sparked, the art spark. I’m an artist, I’ve mostly put that aside to homeschool my children. I haven’t been happy with our everyday. all work and no play makes a grumpy mommy.
    After sitting here gazing over all the crafty posts, I changed our schedule for tomorrow to include nothing but, read a loud, games, crafts, music and pretend play.
    I have an 11, 5 and 2. The schedule for tomorrow includes all children and no bookwork. I intend to stick to it for a change from the typical school day.

    Thanks for the reminder to breath in and out.
    Alberta CAN


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