Candy Corn Counting

Counting is fun, counting candy is even more fun!  This is a great thanksgiving themed math activity that promotes ” Checking your work” something that not only encourages kids to slow down ( something my son needs when doing tasks) but it also builds independence and confidence. Amazingly it wasn’t my kids who ate the candy after this activity was done… I can’t help it candy corn is so yummy! If you are not a fan of using candy for activities you can easily substitute pom poms or pony beads for the candy or make a turkey like the craft that inspired this activity.

  1. Gather your materials. I used a cheap cookie sheet with raised edges to keep the candy corn contained . Also some brown and green construction paper, scissors, tape and a marker. Oh and of course some candy corn.
  2. Start by cutting out the green husks. Please remember perfection is not the point, I don’t have time to spare and know you don’t either.
  3. Cut out the ear of corn.
  4. Tape to the cookie sheet.
  5. Add numbers. Try to add some easy and some more challenging. If it’s too easy it’s boring, too hard and frustration sets in, either way learning falls flat.
  6. Add the corn!
  7. Check your work.
  8. Next I flipped the husks over and wrote new numbers on, I added the corn and my son checked my work. I purposely made mistakes on two of the ears, and asked him how to fix them. He subtracted on one and added to the other. It was a great add on to a simple counting activity. I will be doing more “fix my math” activities in the near future because he loved that.


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    LOVE this!! In fact, I am hoping you won’t mind me featuring you on my site! I just launched my blog a month ago. In a nutshell it’s all about tips and tricks for helping young ones on the autism spectrum. My daughter Cali is four and she has received TONS of therapy. Because of this we have a whole bags of tricks and tips, products we love, etc. we wanted to make available to everyone else! My girls are both working on counting right now. We have an actual program they are going by, but I love the idea of meshing my program with your cute halloween candy corn counting idea. Let me know if you are ok with me featuring your post on my site. [email protected]


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    I’m super excited to do this activity with my son. I hardly ever use candy in preschool with him, but I figure it’s okay every once and awhile. He will LOVE getting to do math if it involves candy corn.


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