Fast & Mess Free Glitter Ornaments

christmas ornament

 We had fun making these Christmas ornaments and the best part there was no huge glittery mess! Christmas ornaments beg to be glittered and I don’t know about your schedule but mine just got crazy so I don’t have as much time for glue to dry , no need, these have zero glue. Both my kids love making these and even though we used them as ornaments they could easily be made into gift tags too.  I was inspired to make this after seeing this candle project from The Ivy Cottage on Pinterest.

  1. Gather your materials. I used card stock for the circles, I wanted to make sure the tape would stick permanently and knew from experience that it does on card stock. Also used glitter provided for me by the folks , ziploc bags, scissors, hot glue and gun, and pipe cleaners. I had ribbon in the picture thinking I would hang them with it but the pipe cleaners were perfect!
  2. Start by drawing and cutting out the ornament. I made circles but any shape would be fine.
  3. Add the tape, it goes without saying I added it for my daughter but I also had to help my 5 year old the first time. The tape was so sticky .
  4. Add the glitter to the zip lock .
  5. Shake! Can you tell she loved this?
  6. add more tape.
  7. Pop it in the next color of glitter .
  8. Shake.
  9. Keep going until they are just the way you want them. 
  10. My son told me his has lightsabres fighting on it.
  11. As you may be able to tell after it was dark and sugar plums were dancing in my kids’ heads I hot glued some pipe cleaners on for hooks. 
  12. Hang up on your tree.


  1. says

    I LOVE this!!! Glitter is my enemy, but I usually give in at Christmas and regret it! This makes it a win/win! Thanks!! We’ll be doing this after school today :)

  2. says

    hehe, glitter is not allowed in this house 😉 but this is a very good idea! (i don’t know why this comment is all capitalized…if it shows up that way when i hit ‘submit’, i promise i’m not yelling at you! :))

  3. Georgine says

    Love this idea! My 5 year old and I have dOne glitter, but not my almost 2 year old. Perfect! Thank you so much. By the way, my husband hates glitter. Finds it everywhere!

  4. says

    Oh, how very clever! I must admit that although I am all for other types of messy play, I still cringe and shy away from glitter – the mess just spreads SO FAR! This is a brilliant idea for snazzing up the things you want snazzed, without accidentally also glittering the whole house.

  5. Donna says

    Love the idea!! I’m a teacher and this is perfect!
    PS Heard it said that glitter is the VD of the craft world; it never goes away!☺


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