Love Bomb Valentine’s Day Craft

Valentine's Day Crafts for kids

When I suggested this idea to my son for the Tinker Lab Paper Bag Challenge he bolted to the playroom to start finding supplies. One problem his sister was napping and I’d worked hard to get her to sleep, I wasn’t about to wake her with the sounds of exploding bags. So we waited until this weekend and to say it was worth the wait is a total understatement. Our Love Bomb was fun to do and the end product was even cuter than I thought it would be.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some paper bags, scrap construction paper, a canvas or heavy paper,contact paper,  white glue, scissors and/ or a hole punch.
  2. Start by cutting your scrap paper into small pieces. We used scissors and a hole punch.
  3. Pop them in the bags. We made 3 bags with a handful of confetti in each.
  4. Make a heart with contact paper.
  5. Pop the heart on the canvas. spread glue all over the canvas. Make sure there is lots along the edge of the contact paper. Forgive the photos, my camera dove to the floor on Friday and my new one hasn’t arrived yet. Thank you apple for my iPhone camera!
  6. Time for some confetti explosions, you might want to do this outside.
  7. Blow it up. Please make sure your child is only blowing into the bag and not sucking air in . They could suck in some of the confetti if they get confused. Practice if you are worried or better yet do the blowing up yourself.
  8. Smack it as hard as you can. It took us a few tries and we practiced earlier.
  9. Bam! Some of the confetti will fly out but you still have to give it a little shake to get it all.
  10. After all have been popped, gently push the confetti that are on the heart to the edge. Let dry for only a few minutes then peel off the heart.
  11. Let dry over night.

love bomb

Pretty cool right? We had so much fun, just hearing the giggles that emanated from my son was enough to do this again and again!

Check out the other creative uses for paper bags at Tinker Lab.


      • says

        I was hoping you kept it. It’s too pretty to throw away.

        I just want to make sure I understand how you used the contact paper. You stuck it to the canvas, right? Then you put glue all over the whole thing, did the bombing, then peeled the contact paper off? Does it release very easily? I’ve never really used contact paper, so I’m not sure how that works.

  1. says

    Wonderful – my 4 year old is into cutting right now and makes endless piles of scrap paper. Now I have a use for her pile of paper bits. I’m glad since I always feel a little bad throwing the piles away after she worked on them so hard.
    Thanks for the idea!

  2. says

    We used scraps and did this this afternoon. We were working on practicing his name today, so instead of doing a heart we did this with his name and it was cute. We’ll definitely be trying it again.

  3. Lori S. says

    I love this and will be doing it with my boys this year!

    I have a totally random question . . . what is the font that you used for “Love Bomb?”



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