Egg Drop Science Project

science for kids with eggs

We’ve been having fun with recycled materials and a few days ago when I heard my son say ” I’m bored!” I replied with ” Want to throw some eggs off the porch? ” He’s 5 so of course he said yes! I told him there was one rule we had to make a escape pod and try to protect the egg from cracking. This is a classic egg drop science project but my bet is your kids have never seen it so go grab some eggs, and your recycle bin and experiment!

  1. Gather your materials. We rummaged through our recycle bin, my art closet and playroom. This is what we decided we might use. Immediately there was talk of a parachute. When I found a treat box it was quickly tagged as a possible parachute. egg toss We also used bubble wrap, an egg carton, some tape, cotton balls, party streamers and yarn. Use what you have that’s the whole idea, to use what you have to make something useful to protect the egg . egg toss craft for kids
  2. First he lined the carton ( that we cut in half) with cotton balls and bubble wrap and added strips of party streamers.egg toss craft for kids
  3. Then we poked holes in the treat box to make a parachute and threaded yarn through. egg toss craft
  4. Tied it on to the carton.egg toss craft for kids
  5. Added the egg. Closed it up and used a little tape too.egg toss
  6. Then we trekked out to the porch and …. wait wait first we made predictions. My son predicted it would be OK. I thought it would be smashed. Then he dropped it .egg toss craft
  7. It didn’t crack! egg toss
  8. ” Let’s do it ’til it cracks!”  OK!
  9. 2nd time it hit the flower box … as soon as it did my son said ” I bet that made it crack!” toss craft
  10. He was right.  I asked him to explain why it would make it crack but the ground wouldn’t. He explained it simply but logically. ” The parachute didn’t have time to help yet and it hit hard.”

This wasn’t a planned activity but it was a blast. It would be so fun in a class to keep throwing them until only one survives!



  1. says

    Love this idea! If only we had a second floor balcony. We may have to try this from a play structure at the park. My boys love breaking things… Too much. Too often.

    • admin says

      Natalie I wish i’d taken a picture of his face when I suggested it. He couldn’t decide if it was some weird trick or not.

  2. Laura says

    This is such a great idea! When I first read the title, I thought you were just tossing an egg off the porch (a la David Letterman) which sounded fun to me too!

  3. Anne says

    This works with a wastebasket, a chair, and an egg. Use materials around the house, but the problem is whether to protect the egg or find a way to make the wastebasket a softer landing site. Stand on the chair and drop the egg.

  4. says

    That is great educational fun. I am sure your son thought you are the best Mom ever to allow him to toss an egg (albeit protected) off of the balcony! I will have to try to remember this idea for when my babies get older. They are currently 16 months and too young. Thanks for sharing.

  5. says

    Another awesome egg idea! Looks like I am going to have to stock up on quite a few eggs for next week’s “eggtivities’.. thanks for sharing :)


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