Play Date with Science – Easy Fun Experiment

science for kids Making science fun and exciting for kids when they are young lays the foundation for the years ahead.  Have a blast with this simple science experiment , it was a huge hit with my son and one of his buddies at a play date we had yesterday.  I told the boys that we had a mystery to solve which powder would make the biggest eruption? That was all two 5 year old boys needed to hear.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some small containers , something for your little scientists to pour the vinegar out of ( ours were little food containers used for dip), cookie sheets to keep your kitchen from becoming a mess, a  and some paper and marker to make numbers. Then you will also need some baking powder, baking soda , cornstarch and vinegar.  I made a little chart but we didn’t use it , they were too excited and that excitement was my goal so we just asked questions and made predictions verbally. science for kids
  2. Start by pouring the vinegar into a smaller container. This made it much easier to refill the cups between pours.
  3. Fill the containers with the powder and place in order on the trays.
  4. Call the kids.Have them check out the powders however they want and decide which will make the biggest eruption.
  5. Pour ! #1 was baking powder which has baking soda in it so it bubbled over ( more than I expected ) but it didn’t erupt.
  6. #2 was cornstarch and both boys declared it a “Dud” .
  7. #3 was the grand finale and it didn’t for kids
  8. After the experiment was over they played and poured until there were no more bubbles to be had. science for kidsThey were chattering so quickly to each other about droids and potions and giggling it was hard to catch what they were pretending it all was, but it was clear they were having a ball. After the play date was over my son asked to do more science at play dates. I am more than willing!
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  1. says

    Fabulous Allie! This is totally up my son’s alley and I am so sad I didn’t see this post earlier today. Maybe there would’ve been less tantruming by the 4yr old if we’d been erupting something?! Definitely doing this tomorrow. Thank you!

  2. says

    My girls never grow tired of these types of science activities. I’ll need to stock up on baking soda and vinegar for outside activities this spring! We’ve made foaming monsters, exploded bags, and have done rockets. Also, they painted a volcano and let it erupt- so fun!

  3. Molly Sheffield says

    Hi Ally — I popped on to the blog today and immediately jumped on this idea. Dawson did is 3x and now he’s seeing what happens when water and ice cubes are added to the mess. Thanks for all of your ideas.


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