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Now that my daughter is a very opinionated toddler she makes it very clear that she wants to do what her 5 year old brother is doing. It’s not always easy to find activities that both kids can sit down and do together. This was the perfect after Easter project that uses plastic eggs and they could both sit together and make something. Whether your child is making circle prints like my daughter or rolling, counting and printing they are learning all about math while creating beautiful art!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some plastic Easter eggs ( but any print making tool will do ) paint, paper, a plate for the paint and some dice. math for kids
  2. Start by pouring some fun colors of paint on to the plate.
  3. For the beginner version hand them an egg and start making prints. For toddlers like my daughter I would use a big egg so it’s safe ( of course she grabbed the small one but I watched her carefully and it never went in her mouth) and do one initial print then let them go wild…and wild she did.
  4. For the advanced option roll the dice and see what you get. Whatever that number is is the number of times you make prints in the color of your choice .
  5. Print.
  6. Roll again. Print again… keep going as long as there is room on the paper, or keep going on a new sheet.
  7. Don’t forget about the messy toddler. When they are printing make sure to narrate some of what they are doing . ” Oh that is a lovely red circle!”  ” That pink paint looks fabulous on your hair!” .

This can be done with all sorts of tools like toilet paper rolls, stamps, potatoes and so much more. What is your favorite non conventional tool for painting?

Books About Painting

I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More!by Karen Beaumont is guaranteed to entertain your child, even my toddler was laughing and anticipating the rhyming text which tickled me to no end! Now I have had some parents in the past not be happy about the use of “ain’t ” and the little boy in the story painting everywhere, I would counter that by saying people do use “ain’t” and kids do paint on things they aren’t supposed to you can use this as an example of what you aren’t supposed to do, and ask your child what they think should happen if they painted all over the house? As far as using “Ain’t” I would play the traditional “It ain’t gonna rain no more” and explain that the author used that song as inspiration for the book.

Hugo and Miles In I’ve Painted Everything by Scott Magoon is going on my must buy list. I have renewed this book for months from my local library. I finally have to return this book and I just don’t want to! The book is all about Hugo a painter who has painter’s block. He goes to Paris with his best friend Miles for inspiration, and among the sites, the masterpieces and thanks to the Eiffel tower he finds it! I love this book and my son just eats it up. He wants to go to Paris to the “Moosay Dor-see” to see Van Gogh and climb the Eiffel tower thanks to Hugo!

Willow by Denise Brennan Nelson is another wonderful book about artistic spirit. Willow doesn’t follow the rules in art class, instead she paints what she sees when she closes her eyes. Her teacher’s rules are unfair, restrictive and she is just plain mean! It’s hard as a teacher to read stories with mean , repressive teachers in them, and this one takes the cake. Willow doesn’t stop painting blue apples and is confident in her individuality and isn’t as bothered by her mean teacher as I am. This story is really worth a look!!

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  1. says

    We love using a potato masher! It makes a really cool print. Also, my little one likes using this blender ball from a Blender Bottle. It’s a little wire whisk that is ball-shaped. And I love that your kiddo is still wearing Christmas pajamas… so is mine! Here are some of my posts about our painting experiences:

    • admin says

      Yes we love potato mashers too – ours ends up looking like a flower. I almost wrote something about the Christmas PJs ( from Christmas 2009!) they are his absolute favorites.

  2. Maryden25 says

    Your daughter looks like so serious on this thing huh? This craft is good for beginners like her. They can explore and develop their creativity to do things out of this egg and colors. But if you could teach her on how to put the right color, that would be great.

  3. says

    I love this idea, and love the ties to literature. My 1st grader has been working on her addition math facts and is the artist of the house. I think I will have her roll 2 dice and add together, then paint! Love your blog!

  4. says

    I love this combination of playtimes! Fantastic idea!

  5. says

    Such a fun idea! We did plastic egg painting last week and made a garden game. I love this simpler idea though. My daughter would have paint everywhere and would love it!

    My current favorite unique painting tool that we tried this week were egg cartons. We cut them to make them like flowers and then we painted with them. I had as much fun as my son. Every painting activity with him usually then moves to painting with his bare hands- the best art tool ever, right?


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