Art Cards & Purposeful Writing

real life writing for kids Yesterday was my son’s last day of preschool and we made these super simple art cards for his friends to wish them a super summer. These would also make fantastic Father’s Day cards. It was also a great way to get him writing . Real world writing projects where the writing is purposeful are a great way to get reluctant kids to write.  My son sat down and happily drew and then signed his name on all 14 cards which is a big deal for us because he definitely falls into the reluctant writer category. It was so easy and took no time at all , here’s what we did.

  1. Start with some markers and plain printer paper.
  2. Have your child draw a picture. real world writing for kids
  3. Scan and save.
  4. Next we used to add text. My son decided which fonts to use and the background color too.
  5. Then we printed as a 5×7 and folded.  
  6. And back to the table to write .

So easy and he had a blast making them . I think we will be making many more .


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  1. says

    My daughter has been a reluctant writer as well, but K really helped her to get better. I am still thinking of purposeful writing projects to help her get better. I am thinking simple scrapbooking and such, but birthday cards always work well too.


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