Olympic Medal Kids Craft

easy olympic craftsThis is the easiest Olympic craft ever and even better than being simple it uses something so many of us having laying around our houses during the summer, paper plates! After watching a medal ceremony my daughter pointed out and asked for a “necklace” so even though I made an Olympic medal kids craft like this with my son it was time to give her a chance. We’ll show you all a few tips for making this craft  easily with your toddler too!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some paper plates, glitter paint( we love this stuff ), wide paint brush, ribbon, tape and scissors. easy olympic craft
  2. Start by flipping your plates over and using the non coated side. The glitter paint will adhere to this side much better. Also do not cut the extra off the plate it will act as a splat mat of sorts.
  3. Choose your bling! This is a great time to fit in some color recognition too. I will ask her what color she wants and most of the time she will say it, but if she just grabs it I will label it for her ” You chose the red one.”
  4. Squeeze it on.
  5. Spread. Using a wide brush is really key for a toddler since it will cover so much more with less effort and help avoid the frustration of ” I want it covered but I can’t co-ordinate my hand muscles to do it .” help them be successful but don’t do it all for them. 
  6. Add more as they wish . While she was crafting I made a medal for her brother who was at day camp, I knew he’d want one too. Also crafting alongside your toddler is a great way to model without barking directions.
  7. Let dry.
  8. Cut out.
  9. Cut your ribbon .
  10. Tape it on .olympic craft for kids
  11. Celebrate with your own champion! olympic craft for kids
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