Sorting Activities For Kids

math activities for kids Sorting is an important skill for preschool aged children to learn and practice. You may have noticed that your toddler or preschooler has a natural tendency to sort and they do. Sorting is a way to organize and make sense of their environment.  Activities like these provide concrete objects for your child to sort and organize. Colors, shapes and sizes are all great attributes to sort by but for older or more advanced learners try sorting my more than one or more subtle attributes. Here are 9 of our favorite sorting activities for kids.

City Shape Sorting
Habitat Sorting
Lego Sorting
Bunny Match
Balanced Meal Sorting
Recycling Think & Sort Game
Shell Sorting
Star Sorting and Sensory Tub
Cereal Sorting

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  1. Jane McNallen says

    My granddaughter likes to sort things. We were at my daughters wedding and she was sorting the mints. I’ve seen her sort other things too, like little toys. It is an important skill and they enjoy doing it. It works their little minds.

  2. Kathryn says

    sorting activities are very beneficial to help organize children with Autism. I use these type of activities to help regulate my students as young as 2 and old as 16 years in preparation of other work..sorting can be simple and complex


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