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I am so excited to host a Twitter chat this Thursday, September 13th from 8-9pm EST about literacy with Rotary International. Do not miss it!  We will be chatting about literacy and how we as parents can make a difference near and far just like Rotary does .  In our homes , in our families and in our communities.

Of course there are prizes as well!  During the Twitter chat they are giving away four $50 American Express Gift Cards to random participants.

The Details

When :

September 13th at 8-9pm EST

Where :

Twitter of course!
You can follow the party using the hashtag #RotaryReads or use our custom Tweetgrid .

Who :

I will be joined by two brilliant  bloggers Amy Mascott of  and Malia Hollowell of . They are both as committed and passionate about reading and literacy as I am.  Amy and Malia will have fantastic tips, tricks and advice about promoting literacy in your own home during the party.

Make sure you are following them both on Twitter as well you can find  Amy @teachmama and Malia @Playdough2Plato .

More About Rotary’s Commitment to Literacy

Rotary International’s more than 1.2 million members in over 34, 000 clubs all choose to serve their communities in different ways but one area of service that is often highlighted is education and literacy.  Basic education and literacy has been recognized by Rotary International as one of their 6 main service areas to focus on. There is good reason too, did you know that 75 million children world wide have no access to education? More than half of those are girls.

Rotary International encourages their member clubs to help near and far.  In Fife, Washington ( not too far from where I live)the  Fife-Milton Rotary (Club # 64) is entering its 4th year of sponsoring the education of  a 9 year old girl in Uganda . Fife-Milton Rotary’s donation covers her tuition, books, room, board, uniform, bedding, stationary, etc.  Without this sponsorship her education would not be possible.  They also provide college scholarships for 2 graduating seniors from Fife High School.

This is just 2 examples of their commitment from one club and remember there are many thousands of clubs making literacy and basic education a focus of service.

Mark your calendar for Thursday , September 13th at 8-9pm EST .

I can’t wait to chat with you.

I have been compensated for my work with this campaign.



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