Yarn Stamped Fall Tree Craft

Fall always makes me think of a mix of textures and rich smells and while this yarn stamped fall tree craft isn’t scratch and sniff ( although if it was it would be vanilla and pumpkin spice)  it was a fun exploration of textures. This project was a big reminder to me about not putting your own adult vision on a child’s art work. Even after many years I still at times have to stop myself from saying ” Really are you sure you are done ?”. If you feel like saying that bite your tongue. That doesn’t encourage kids it tells them their art isn’t good enough.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some stamp pads, paper , marker,  bottle caps, yarn / bakers string , sticky back foam and some foam adhesive mounts.
  2. Start by cutting your foam into the shape of leaves. Peel the backing off and wrap the yarn around . I wrapped a few really heavily, and left one sparkly foam leaf without any yarn for contrast. Add the adhesive mounts.Press onto the bottle cap.fall craft
  3. Invite your artists to the table.  Draw a trunk.
  4. He has hit that stage of childhood where he doesn’t just trust me and questions everything. ” Are you sure it will work mom?”
  5. Add yarn stamped leaves.
  6. Try out the different textures .
  7. Let dry. As the ink dries the colors lighten.

Over the years we have reviewed many fall themed books for children but this round up contains our very favorite. For full reviews of the book check out the post from earlier this month.


  1. admin says

    Paint should work – a trick for making paint act like a stamp pad is to put a layer of paint on a plate and add a paper towel on top. Then not too much gets on.

  2. nopinkhere says

    I try to ask if it’s okay for us to clean up. Sometimes they want to leave it set up and wander back later.

  3. says

    Cute! One other easy paint project we’ve done is to go for a walk and collect brightly colored fall leaves. The kids trace around one and paint it with watercolors. They turn out beautiful and I love watercolors because they don’t stain and have easy clean up!
    The kids can do one leaf or many in an interesting pattern. Mine sat happily at the table for a while last year working on this! :)


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