Recycled Christmas Crafts For Kids

Christmas adds up quickly! Even when you are focusing on making it about people and not things the bills have a way of adding up. One way to keep cost down and your green meter up is to create Christmas crafts, decorations and ornaments from recycled materials. All of these crafts and activities use some recycled materials. Not only does it send your kids the message to reduce, reuse and recycle it also encourages them to think creatively. ” What can I make from this?” is something I hear at my house all the time ( and not just when I am talking to myself) and I hope that goes on for years and years.

Bubble Wrap Christmas Tree
Cardboard Noel Garland
Shampoo Bottle Wise Men
Recycled Christmas Bows
Gift Wrap Scrap Patterns
Cork Painted Wreath
Recycled Puzzle Piece Ornaments
Scrap Paper Stocking
Advent Calendar from Baby Wipes Container Lids
Recycled Photo Card Ornaments
Magazine Collage Christmas Tree
Wrapping Paper Scrap Sorting
Yogurt Lid Ornaments

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