Top 12 of 2012 { Our Most Popular Posts}

top 12 of 20122012 was the year of kids craft round ups.  You all love them! They were by far the biggest traffic providers of 2012. As much as I like them they aren’t actually my favorite. They are fun to put together but my heart belongs to the single activity posts . I will post my favorite 12 of 2012 on Monday. Until then here are the top 12 traffic getters of 2012. Enjoy.

  1. 75 Books That Build Character
  2. 25 Alphabet Activities For Kids
  3. 75 TV Free Activities For Kids
  4. 30 Bug Crafts For Kids
  5. 50 Simple Outdoor Activities For Kids
  6. 21 Easy Easter Crafts
  7. 35 Easy Animal Crafts
  8. Easy Halloween Crafts
  9. 22 Activities For Kids Under 2
  10. 25 Classic Crafts For Kids
  11. 15 Fun Activities For Kids
  12. 20 Earth Day Activities For Kids



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