9 Snowman Crafts For Kids

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winter crafts  for kidsWe haven’t seen much snow this winter but it hasn’t stopped us from making snowmen. These 9 snowman crafts are our favorite that you can make no matter what climate you live in. On Friday we will be sharing our favorite snowman books. Don’t miss it there are so many great ones to choose from.

Playdough Snowman
Snowglobe Snowman

letter snowman craft for kids
Letter Snowman
Marshmallow Snowman

Snowman at night craft for kids
Snowman at Night
Spice Jar Snowman Blocks

Emotional Snowmen
Snowflake Snowman
Magnetic Snowman


  1. beth says

    Another idea I did w/ my 2 yrs olds. We made fake snowman luminaries using a paper lunch bag. I drew 3 large circle on the bag. Had the kids tear apart cotton balls and glued them in the circles (sort of). Had them glue on eyes, nose, mouth, button, hat, etc. Glued a piece of ribbon for the scarf. Then opened the bag and put a small flash light in the bag.

    • beth says

      We colored the bag first w/ markers to kill more time. Project easy to make and solo work can be adjusted per ability.


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