Sight Word Dominoes & Speed Racer Game

sight word dominoes and race gameLearning after school is something we try to do most days but we keep it fun.  Making learning a game is my magic trick for my son who is possibly the world’s most competitive 6 year old. I set this up quickly and had it all ready for him before he got home.  I wish I could take all the credit for this idea but it’s spin off from our contributing writer Kim’s amazing letter dominoes post from last year. After you read this one make sure you check it out.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some sentence strips, a marker, scissors and  a list of about 20 dolch sight words . We used a mix of levels 1, 2 and 3.  Dolch sight words are high frequency words that are often thought to be best to teach children to read by memorization not through decoding ( sounding out/using other clues like context ) . sight word race game for kindergarten
  2. I chose some words that I knew would be easy for my son, some that I wasn’t sure and a few that would take a few seconds to figure out. I always try to boost confidence with some easy, hit right on target for most and challenge him with some as well.
  3. Cut the sentence strips.sight words game for kids
  4. Draw a line down the middle and write a word on each side . sight words
  5. Play! sight word dominoes game
  6. We played dominoes by placing one card down on the table and flipping the rest over from a pile over until we found a match .sight word game for kids We played on the table because of the terrible light ( winter weather is not blog friendly!) but later on we moved to the floor where we had much more room to make a bigger better domino structure. sight word dominoes
  7. The next game we played with the cards was even more fun. Start with one card each on the same spot on the floor or a table with a clear finish line.
  8. Place all the other cards in a pile.
  9. Flip the card and when a match is found add it to your line. sight word race game for kids
  10. The person to reach the finish line first wins. He was counting to see who was ahead but we were neck and neck!sight word race for kindergarten Repeat! This game got him reading so quickly wanting to hurry up and flip to the next. sight word race game for kindergarten kids
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  1. Janel says

    Great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing. I have a kindergartener that I think will enjoy these and we are always looking for ways to spice up sight word and spelling word work. I love the simplicity of these games and that they will be quick and easy to prepare. I also think these will be a great way to add interest to reviewing past sight word lists to make sure he is retaining the knowledge. I’m sure the lure of a bigger structure will be all he needs to want to add the prior words to the domino stack.

    • admin says

      Great question – I did 2-4 of each. I was pretty random about it after the initial 2 of each. I would write one set ( and/blue) then start with the 2nd one ( blue/they) and so one and so forth 2 times using the list of words as a check list. Then after that the additional tiles were random.


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