Valentine’s Day Rainbow Wall

valentine heart muralWe needed some extra happy cheer in our playroom after a week of cold, gloomy weather. My kids had fun making something cheerful for their playroom while working on fine motor skills, color recognition and counting. Oh and cooperative projects like these were always the very first thing I’d set up for my class ( and now my kids) when bickering started popping up. Working together has a great way of allowing them to work out their differences and feel like a team again.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some contact paper ( or craft paper with double stick tape ) , many sheets of all different color paper, a heart punch, and markers in every color of the rainbow.valentine's day rainbow craft
  2. Start by pinning the contact paper to the wall sticky side out. I prefer contact paper because it allows kids to change where they put a heart if they don’t like their original placement. I pop the paper on with the backing still on then peel. I find it way easier than putting in on with the sticky already exposed. valentines day rainbow
  3. Next punch out a whole bunch of hearts. My kids helped with some but I did most of the punching . valentine's day rainbow craft mural
  4. Draw the rainbow with markers directly on the contact paper.valentine rainbow mural
  5. Set up a heart station ( ours was a plate and a stool) by the contact paper.valentine's day rainbow activity for kids
  6. Let them at it.valentines' day color matching activity for toddlersMy daughter liked taking her time finding the exact right spot for each heart. My son liked gathering a handful of one color and adding them on in a bunch.valentines' day heart mural for kids Clearly they weren’t having any fun at all.valentines' day heart mural for cooperative play
  7. My daughter fizzled out about half way through, if I was making this for just toddlers I’d make a much much smaller rainbow and maybe larger hearts as well. My son and I had a race to see which colors could be filled in first. I was reminded how much I love just working on something like this with my kids. It really does make you feel more like a team and is by far the number one reason we do projects together. He counted each color to see which won and noticed that of course the first few colors would have more than the last few. I love it when learning like that comes so naturally in a self directed way.valentine's day heart mural counting
  8. All done. Now our gloomy winter weather can’t bring us down. Valentine's day heart mural for preschool


  1. Eva Scott says

    What a really cute idea. Love it! I don’t have a heart hole punch for I have a digital cutter so I can use that. Planning on doing this

    • admin says

      I thought so too – I didn’t mention it in the post but we had quite a debate about where pink should go as well as where a certain shade of blue/purple should go. It was interesting and more importantly thought provoking.

  2. Danielle says

    Love this idea! Just one Question: the hearts dont over the whole contact paper, so surrounding the hearts the paper is still sticky, am I right or did I misunderstood the steps?

  3. Aron says

    Wouldn’t you want to put another piece of contact paper over the top so it is not sticky? I could see my kids sticking all kinds of things to it if it is left sticky. Do you have any suggestions for that or just another piece of contact over it? I do love this idea, my 8 and 4 yr olds will love making this! Thanks!

    • Allison McDonald says

      You could but that’s a LOT of contact paper which gets pricey. My kids never add stuff to it after the fact and this one was up for 7 months!

  4. Christina says

    Sorry for the above comment! I just looked at a piece of contact paper and it looks like only one side is sticky–not both. That answers my questions! Thanks!

    • Allison McDonald says

      :) I should add that good quality contact paper tends to take paint with it in my experience if it’s left more than a few hours.


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