Rock Easter Eggs

rock easter eggs from no time for flash cards Painting rocks is a classic craft and a family favorite around here. When my daughter and I gathered rocks outside I didn’t tell her what they were for knowing if I asked her what she wanted to do with them she’d say ” Let’s paint!” and she did. We used Martha Stewart paints that I got for this post last spring. I love these paints for adult crafts, but they are not at all washable. Have wet sponges on hand for anything that might get paint on it like little boots that trail across your deck… for example. You could do this with more kid friendly paint but I just love the colors that this paint comes in and frankly it’s what I had on hand.

      1. Gather your materials. You will need some rocks , paint ( this is all weather so the eggs can be put outside) , brushes, a drop cloth like a paper grocery bag and sponges or a wet rag to clean up spills.Rock Easter Eggs
      2. Paint. rock easter egg 2
      3. After some pinkeaster egg rocks she decided like many of her favorite clothes this egg needed to have polka dots. easter egg painting
      4. While she made the dots I made a striped egg.easter egg craft
      5. She helped me choose a few of the colors for the other eggs but after her big polka dot one she was ready to move on to playing in our garden while I had a blast painting in the sun.painted easter eggs She came back a few times to observe and give me tips like ” Make it polka dots!”. Toddlers aren’t made to sit for a long time carefully working on projects so don’t take it personally if they have enough way before you thought they would.


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  1. says

    Great! Love activities evolving outside with thé first sunshines…
    I wish here in scotland we Could do that outside in our PJs 🙂 We Will try with our coats on on the Beach 😉 not too bad i guess.
    Love your creativity! Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Sue Wright says

    What a great idea and they look great. Rocks easy for kids to find themselves and handle, unlike some objects, they won’t get away on little hands. As an artist I sometimes use the sample size paint in Home Depot or other stores that they will gladly mix to any color, and they come in jars with lids! Thanks for the ides!


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