Magic Nuudles Creations { simple summer crafts}

magic nuudles - simple summer craftsI ran out of paint last week and while buying some new colors I spotted these Magic Nuudles at the craft store. Now before we go any further I have to tell you this isn’t a sponsored post. I just grabbed something and thought my kids might like it. When they did I decided to share.  Last weekend my kids decided to get up at 5:45. Fun times since I was working on my newsletter until 2am.  At 7:30 we’d already watched TV, read books and I was too exhausted to throw together a big project. Then I remembered I had these Nuudles. These are a perfect simple summer craft and I am adding it to our list – you can see the others here. 

nuudlesI quickly read the package and grabbed some plates and soaked a few paper towels to make little wetting stations. The Magic Nuudles stick together if you wet them but please do not let your kids wet them on their tongue. They dissolve but can still pose a chocking hazard. magic nuudles are cool


I laid out a huge bowl and let them create. I  played with them and of course made some letters.magic nuudles letters

My son made weapons. magic nuddles fun

My daughter made a magic wandmagic nuudles magic wand and then I helped her make a “Horrrrrrible Spiiiider!! ” magic nuudles family time

This wasn’t a planned post but they sat and enjoyed these for so long that I knew I had to share.  I have them in a bag stashed in the dining room so I can grab them quickly when I need to. magic nuudles fun

What is your favorite easy to set up go to activity? Tell us in comments or share it with us on Facebook !

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