Sensory Tub Painting

painting outsideIf you read my post Monday you may have heard my dear daughter is trying to give up her nap. If she refuses to sleep we go outside if possible. This art activity was so much fun. We use our water table as big sensory tub and with this activity we also turned it into an open ended art activity. The results were awesome.  This super simple sensory tub painting will be done over and over all summer I promise you!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a water table ( we love ours and use it daily) but a large shallow Rubbermaid type bin would work perfectly too. Paint, some brushes and plain paper.  You may also want a hose ready for clean up.sensory tub painting supplies
  2. Start by letting your child choose some paint colors . sensory tub paint and print
  3. Paint the inside of the tub. sensory tub printsExplore. She made squiggles with both ends of the paint brushes, added more paint, sensory painting outside pretended to drive the cap all around the paint , and mixed with her hands. sensory tub water table painting
  4. Next grab some paper and print! I was amazed at how well these turned out. They were all different and totally rad. sensory table print
  5. Hang up to dry. Finally I had a use for this trellis that has been bare since I killed the plant that was on it. I am good with kids, not so much with plants. sensory tub prints drying
  6. Now clean out the tub with the hose. Arguably the best part even though the painting was super fun. Who can compete with this? sensory tub hose
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  1. Janie Gunn says

    What kind of paint did you use that washes away clean from your plastic water table? My 3 yr old son loves both paint & water table activities, but I don’t want to stain our only water table

  2. Nancy Carson says

    Re:the previous post. My children tried to give up their naps and I turned it into a quiet time in their beds with books. They stayed 30 to 45 minutes in their beds with a basket of books. I set the timer for them and they actually went to sleep, book in hand, sometimes. Of course, if they went to sleep, I turned the timer off!

  3. says

    I love this idea! I am planning to use it this summer. We are going to read the book Little Blue Little Yellow as we discover how we can mix two colors to make a new one. Thank you for all your wonderful ideas!


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