11 Fun Math Activities For Kids

math for kidsMy kids love math. They get it from their father. I struggled with math from 4th grade on and I am determined that my kids won’t. Nothing we do can guarantee that our kids won’t struggle with learning but we can try our hardest to establish a strong foundation. Making math fun is a passion of mine . I want my kids to see it as a puzzle to solve , as a way to explain things and not as a hard thing they can’t do. These 11 math activities for kids are their favorite playful ways to work on math . They range in ability from toddler through the end of kindergarten but with minor adjustments could be used for almost any age.

Lock and Key Math
Pattern Towers
Lily Pad Math
Making Math Drills Fun
DIY Geo Board
Water Balloon Math Game
Hanging Out The Wash – Fine Motor Math
Monster Math
Lego Measurement
Counting Around The House
Estimation Jars

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    The thing that always made math difficult for me as a kid was that it wasn’t tied to anything – so you knew THAT you had to reduce the fractions, for example, but not WHY. You’ve managed to tie each topic to a reason and I think that alone should reduce a lot of math struggle.

    • says

      What you say Eddie is so true. I didn’t understand dividing, multiplying fractions until I was in my math for teachers class in graduate school and all of a sudden a light went off in my head when I was doing the exercises with manipulatives.
      Many people concentrate on games and math toys when the kids are young and don’t realize that they must continue with these up through later years as well.

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