15 Easy Science Activities For Kids

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15 easy science activities for kidsI hope you have been enjoying Science Week as much as I have. Here are some of our favorite and very easy science activities for kids we have done on No Time For Flash Cards. For even more ideas from all over the web check out our Science For Kids Pinterest board.

Color Mixing Lab
Frog Life Cycle
Squirt Gun Science
Solar Powered Crayon Melt
Ice Cream Taste Test
Sink or Float?
Which Will Erupt – Simple Experiment
Will The Egg Break?
DIY Light Box & Exploration
Glow In The Dark Constellation Canvases
Mad Scientist Lab
Magnetic Sensory Play
DIY Weather Station
Puffy Paint Moon
Snow Science – Where will it melt first ?

Science week

I hope you enjoyed Science Week . I had fun hosting great guest bloggers and focusing on only one subject for a whole week. What other weeks would you like to see us tackle?

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  1. Mandy says

    Firstly I want to say that I love this blog… It has really kept me sane for the last couple of months especially because it keeps my son and I interacting without me having to read the same book over and over! He also seems to be learning so much more with the activities I have chosen to do.

    In response to your question about other weeks to tackle, what about:
    Animals – colours, sounds they make, where they live, what they eat etc
    My body – learning the different parts of the body and how they work
    Foods – what different fruits and veges there are and supporting moms in getting their children t try new things through play? (We actually have a veggie patch that my 16 m/o ‘helps’ me weed every week and its really the only thing I can think of to do with food because he just cant cook yet)

    Again, I really love the blog – its great to have somewhere to go when you need some inspiration 😀

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