LEGO printed wrapping paper – Easy Christmas Craft

lego print wrapping paperOn Monday we went to my son’s school book fair and while each of my kids chose a book to read right away they also chose one for each other to wrap up and put under the Christmas tree. Instead of using plain old bought wrapping paper my daughter made some using LEGO Duplo and paint.  I love how simple this easy Christmas craft is, it let her explore with abandon , mix colors ,and create something fun to give to her brother.


Gather your materials. You will need some paper ( easel paper works great), LEGO Duplo, a dish, paint, and painter’s tape. When it’s time to wrap you’ll also need scissors, tape and a ribbon. lego print wrapping paper for christmas

Start by taping paper to the table with painter’s tape and pouring some paint onto the dish. lego printed wrapping paper for kids

Invite your artist to come explore and make some wrapping paper. Lego wrapping paper

My daughter started slowlego painted wrapping paper but when she warmed up she was off her chair and banging the Lego down to make a fun sound on the painting wrapping paper craft

We let it dry by peeling the tape off the table and using it to hang the painting on the wall. Let dry. lego wrapping paper craft

When it’s dry trim the tape off and wrap up something special! lego painted wrapping paper craft


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  1. […] My children will definitely be receiving a few Lego sets this year. I like the idea of giving handmade lego gifts and there are some brilliant ideas. Lego crayons make a great stocking filler and are a great way to use up the boxes of crayons we’ve collected. Or how about these cute DIY Lego magnets? These simple Lego gift boxes would be perfect to hold small gifts. Lego bricks are perfect for printing on to paper and making your own Lego print wrapping paper. […]

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