15 Olympic Crafts and Activities

olympic crafts for kids I love the Olympics not only because it’s a great chance to talk about sports but also because it sparks interest in geography, different cultures and being a global citizen. The Olympics are more than a sporting event and below are 15 Olympic crafts and activities to share all the lessons we can learn from the Olympic games with our kids.


olympic craft for kids

Coffee Filter Olympic Rings
Olympic Torch
Olympic Medal Craft
Toilet Paper Olympic Rings
T is For Torch Letter Craft
Team Bracelets


mini olympics

Porch Hockey ( Go Team Canada ! )
Flash & Find Geography Game
Mini Olympics at The Park

Multicultural Crafts & Books

flags of the world banner for olympics

Flags From Around The World Banner
Multicultural Books For Kids
Kids Crafts From Around The World
Famous Landmark Blocks
Multicultural Wreath
Create Your Own Flag

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