Roll a Rainbow Activity For Kids

rainbow activities for kidsNeed a break from winter weather? How about a game that is fun, easy to play and helps teach your kids about the order of the  colors of a rainbow. My kids have both known their colors since they were young toddlers but knowing the order they appear in the rainbow is tricky. Do you still say ROY-G-BIV to yourself in your head? I do. I don’t expect my kids to know the order off hand after a few rounds but they did leave with a clear understanding that the order is not dynamic and that the order is a pattern of primary and secondary colors.  If you don’t have Duplo on hand you can use pipe cleaners, pompoms, or paper and crayons and have your child draw the arcs. As you will see this simple rainbow activity for kids is a cinch to make and my kids were totally into it!

Gather your materials. You will need some Duplo ( or alternatives already mentioned) , a die, construction paper in the rainbow colors and tape. roll a rainbow color activity for preschool

Since the die only had 6 sides and we included indigo to make a proper rainbow I had my kids start with red as the 1st color and left it off the die.  I cut all the paper into squares and taped them on the a rainbow game for kids

Time to play. Make a pool of colors and let the youngest roll first. I would usually do rock paper scissors to see who goes first but my daughter always chooses rock so my son always wins.

Roll the die and pick up the color you roll. If you roll a color you already have you do nothing. The first person to have all the colors of the rainbow wins.roll and build a rainbow game for preschool

My daughter was off to a great start.make a rainbow game for kids

It had her big brother very very worried. roll a rainbow game for kids

Then they tied it uprainbow game for kids and I had them both review the colors in order. I love this picture and the two of them speaking at the same time captures what it’s like at my house 75% of the time. learning the colors of the rainbow with a fun game

They both needed indigo – which was a nice to be stuck because it was the color they were the least familiar with and we talked about where it went at length. Finally someone ( can you guess who?) rolled it… and won. roll a rainbow game for preschoolWe played until my daughter also got indigo and they could both proudly display their rainbows . rainbow game



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  1. deanne says

    Hi. Love this idea! I am curious where you found the leggos. I cannot find this size anywhere!!!! I continue to find the mini ones that cone in sets to build or the mega blocks. Thanks for your ideas and your help.

  2. says

    This looks great fun! And an easy game to set up at short notice, too. I’m thinking that we could play a second or third time and instead of making the lego tower rainbow we could stick the arches together to make some kind of rainbow for display at home. Or with play-dough, etc…

    I wanted to ask you about scissor-paper-stone. Isn’t the idea that each one always beats one other one, so there’s never one that is always defeated??? So paper smothers stone, stone blunts scissors, scissors cut paper! That way, if your daughter always chooses rock, she wins if her brother chooses scissors, but loses if he chooses paper. Hope that helps!

    Thanks for your site.


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