Mardi Gras Candy Necklaces

twizzler candy necklaces for parties Fat Tuesday is March 4th this year and even though we don’t have any Mardi Gras parades locally I have been telling my kids all about it and showing them photos of the different parades and explaining how beads and other trinkets are thrown from the floats. We decided to make our own beads from purple, yellow and green Twizzlers. My daughter was game from the start but my son was not into the idea until his sister came down stairs and said I was letting her eat her finished necklace. Then he came up asking if he could make one too and honest to goodness I have never seen a child bead that quickly! These candy necklaces are fun ( and include a great patterning lesson) and could be made as party treats with any combination of colors.

Gather your materials. You will need some multi-colored Twizzlers , some stiff beading thread, scissors and tape. DIY candy necklaces

Cut your Twizzlers into beads. Even if the ends stick together you can give them a squeeze and the hole will reappear. mardi gras necklace craft

Tape the end of your beading thread down and start beading. edible mardi gras beadsMy daughter was very serious about beading.  But even a serious 3 year old may ask for help. I helped her when the steam started wearing off. I would give her a number to bead then I would add three pieces on and so on. Not only were we working as a team she was working on her math skills as well. mardi gras necklaces for kids

Once it’s long enough to slip over her head easily tie the ends and voila! mardi gras necklace for kidsAs I was cleaning up my son came up to the playroom and decided he wasn’t too cool to bead after all. mardi gras twizzler beads

I loved how he was doing it. I should have taken a video because the accompanying sound effects were stellar. mardi gras pattern necklaces

Don’t forget these are tasty too! edible mardi gras twizzler necklaces

Do you have Mardi Gras traditions you share with your kids? If you are planning on making pancakes I shared some great tips about cooking with kids over on Melissa & Doug yesterday.

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  1. Ashley says

    Love the necklaces. I didn’t realize twizzlers came in those colors. I don’t live in New Orleans, but I’m a HUGE fan of the Big Easy and Mardi Gras and I’ve seen another idea you might like. Children in elementary school in New Orleans make parade floats out of shoeboxes and all kids of dolls, toys, feathers, beads, etc… (whatever craft supplies/collage items are available) I’ve seen tons of them on display in a mall down there and I fell in love with the idea. I’m dying to try it myself or with children.

  2. Lnora says

    Love the necklace. I’m part of a church,1st 7 days of each month, prayer and fasting ministry. On the 7th day we deliver lunch to those whom special prayers were said according to their need(s). Since Mardi Gras is coming up during our next meal delivery I thought the necklace is a perfect small favor for the recipients, to commemorate the holiday. Thanks for sharing.


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