Painting Snow

outside activities for kids I know most of you have had a ton of snow this year but we just got our only real snowfall this weekend. My kids were all over it. After we made Olaf in the snow ( seriously check him out ) we warmed up and while having hot chocolate I noticed our water table full of snow and sprang into action! Having spent my first 26 years in Canada I have painted the snow many many times but never with my own kids. This can get messy so have old towels ready , other than that explore and have fun mixing colors in the snow.

Gather your materials. You will need some paint, plastic cups, paint brushes, snow, and a water table or large shallow container for the snow. color mixing in the snow

Fill your container with snow and pour all different color paint int he cups. One color per cup.

Call a little one to come and make a mess. My daughter was more than happy to oblige. color mixing outside in the snow

Paint.paint snow


Mix.paint the snow and have fun


When you run our of area to paint just grab some more snow ,pack it on top , and keep painting! painting the snow and color mixing

When it was time to come in I had a bowl of warm water and oxyclean ready for her mitts. The paint came off easily!snow painting activity for kids

How do you get creative in the snow?

Books About Snow

winter books for kids

Check out some of our favorite books about snow . You can find the reviews for all of these books here.

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  1. says

    Wow! You’re Canadian?! ;D I love it! We are in Ontario, (Georgetown).. We also did this in December all we’ve had is snow and freezing temps this year! (Everyone has)! We also tried spray painting with old winded bottles and paint with water: when it froze, I added a capful of baby oil and it solved that issue! It was SOO much fun, we even brought an oven baking tray full of colored snow indoors, made art with it, and a Dinosaur Ice Age Melt Down!mwe LOVE playing in the snow! So excited to look further into your winter activities

    • Allison McDonald says

      Yeah – I grew up in BC and Alberta and my whole family is still in the Vancouver area. I lived in Ontario for a while too – I went to Teachers College at Lakehead in Thunder Bay so freezing is something I know! I live in Washington State in the US now though so snow is a novelty.


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