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My Take On Crafting With Kids

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Crafts aren’t about making something perfect, it’s about time together with your child, and building pride in making something no matter how it looks. As a teacher I like using crafts to reinforce skills, lessons and children’s personal preferences. When a child is doing an art project they develop confidence in their abilities ( provided we support them, not force them), knowledge about a variety of subjects and fine motor skills. As a parent I cherish the time we sit at the kitchen table and make something. I love asking my kids what they wants to make, finding the materials and working together. The best part though is seeing how proud they are of their creations.

I link the majority of my crafts to books because I think there is nothing more crucial than reading to our kids, and by linking the two activities we create a sturdier foundation for the learning and in my experience more interest about the subject and further curiosity in the children.