Quick Screen Free Activities For The Holidays

screen free holiday activities

I have been using my 5 minute sparklers a lot lately, between writing holiday cards, online shopping , wrapping presents and trying to keep all the ornaments on my tree, I need lots of short things for my son to do. Here is my holiday version of quick screen free activities to keep your toddler or preschooler engaged!

  • Christmas Play Dough. All you need is some food coloring, sparkles and a few holiday shaped cookie cutters and you are good to go.

5 minute play dough

  • Button Counting. My son loved how the buttons sounded in my ramekins, we sorted them and then counted them.

buttons 5 minute sparklers

  • “Snow” Bubbles. Playing in the sink is a favorite in our house . I used an upside down bowl and a 2nd on top to make a good and big target for my son to scoop into , it helps keep too much water off him and the floor. It looks oddly high in this picture, it’s actually lower in the sink.

5 minute in sink


  • Holiday Shape Drawings. This is so easy! Grab a few pieces of plain white paper, cut them in the shape of a Christmas tree, candy cane, ornament… anything!5 minute coloring I pre cut 8 pages so I have some ready when I need them. When you need your little one to be busy for a few minutes grab the paper and markers and you are set!

5 minute shape drawings

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  1. Vone says

    Love the ideas – my daughter loves playing with bubbles. I use to give her a tupperwear bowl full of them at the beginning of doing dishes – that kept her busy 🙂
    Now I have her crafting with me – she loves glitter, pompoms and glue.

  2. Rhiannon says

    Have just found your blog and I am totally HOOKED! You have the most amazing ideas! My son is 22 months and I have been at a loss as to the type of crafts he could do besides coloring with crayons…I had no idea there were so many easy, inexpensive crafts and activities for two year olds!

    We broke out the paint tonight and are making ornaments based upon your “Noel” idea. DARLING!

    You are my hero–thank you for being so inspiring. Can’t wait to see more!

  3. Anonymous says

    I keep coming back to your blog because you have great ideas! Simple and fun! THANKS FOR SHARING!!

    Also, I have to share a little laugh. When I opened up the post today with your son by the sink…I was thinking it seems like he is always in one-piece PJs! Is that like his favorite thing to wear? I ask because my son (6!) LOVES his one-piece PJs and as I fold them from the laundry I keep wondering how much longer/bigger they come as they keep him so cozy…

    Your guy is much littler of course.

  4. Allie says

    Thank you!

    Yeah my son is a big PJ fan, but we usually do art right after breakfast, or after nap. I swear my child is not in them all day long ! Although yesterday after refusing a nap I did pop him in the ergo and went to the market in some cute dino ones 😉

    Also paint , markers and glue seem to come out of fleece much better than plain cotton.

  5. Heidi says

    I so love your blog and your ideas! That sparkly playdough is one we’ll have to try soon!

    We love water play, too, and I thought I’d mention that the open door of the dishwasher is a great place for indoor water play at our house. With her standing on the floor I don’t have to worry about turning around to do kitchen things while she’s on a stool at the sink. And it allows me to limit the amount of water (or ice cubes) she’s using, otherwise, she’d constantly be reaching for more more more!



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