Bunches of Love !

Bouquet of Hearts

Who doesn’t love flowers? These are custom made by your very favorite little artist just for you! Valentine’s Day is a great time to reinforce learning about heart shapes too!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some card stock or stiff paper, markers or crayons, pipe cleaners, and scissors.
  2. Start by drawing a heart on the card stock, cut it out and use it as the template to draw more on the other card stock. You can simply draw the hearts individually too. If your child is able to have them draw the hearts!
  3. Have your child color the hearts, we chose other red and pink colors for drawing but any color marker or crayon will work!
  4. Make 3 small holes with sharp scissors or a very small hole punch in the heart.
  5. Thread the pipe cleaner through. This is great for fine motor development, but really little hands will need help. The pipe cleaner should have some extra after being threaded through and you will bend that to secure it.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each heart.
  7. Older children can write messages in black pen on the heart or you can have your child dictate a valentines message for the recipient
  8. Tie a pretty bow around your stems and give it to someone you love!


” Valentine Friends” by April Jones Prince is a great book for toddlers who have just made some valentines or are just about to. The text is as simple as it gets, explaining one simple step of a valentine’s day art project on each page. The first letter of the action matches the first letter of the animal doing the action . My son liked pointing out the art supplies, animals and sat well for the whole book which isn’t always the case. Cute book for the very young!

” Who Do You Love? “ by Martin Waddell has a cute concept and the cats on the cover grabbed my attention. The book I got from the library was in board book form and I was a little disappointed when it had as much text on each page, my wiggly man shut it on the 2nd page and insisted on a book about school buses instead. When I grabbed it later he sat back down to look at some of the pages but the story didn’t grab him. I the story about a cat and a kitten playing a “Who do you love?” game listing all the cats the kitten loves before bed, it’s very sweet. The part where the kitten says that she loves the cat she met in the woods yesterday gave me the heeby geebies though. I understand it’s supposed to be funny that the kitten lists this stranger and hasn’t said her mama yet but it just came across as creepy. I would just skip that line if I read it again.

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  1. Amy from Occupation: Mommy says

    This is absolutely adorable. Our nursery school is having a babysitting night fundraiser next week, and we will be having the kids make these. Thanks for the idea!

    I have been reading your blog for a while now, and have recently started doing letter crafts with my two younger daughters, ages 21 months and 4 1/2. We have done S is for snow and H is for heart so far. They are loving it! I am going to try to save them and put them in a book when we get through the whole alphabet.

  2. Kacey says

    This is so cute, I think we’ll be trying it this weekend! I also wanted to give a big plug for the book “The Day It Rained Hearts”. http://www.amazon.com/Day-Rained-Hearts-Felicia-Bond/dp/0066238765

    My daughter just received this book for her birthday and it is so sweet. And I think given the crafty nature of your blog, you’ll enjoy it. The little girl collects raining hearts and makes a series of crafts for a variety of friends. It’s not until the end of the book that you realize who each valentine was for, and why they’re so perfect for each recipient. (for example, a big red heart with one big fluffy white pom pom glued to the middle was made for her friend the bunny rabbit, with a big fluffy white tail).

  3. MaryBeth says

    I just wanted to say I love this site! I recently found it, and already so many of your ideas have come in handy with my four girls ages 3,2,2,&2. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!!

  4. Stacey says

    These are so cute. I’m going to do these with my daughter next week when she gets home from visiting her Oma and Opa. I think it’ll make a great gift for her to give Daddy for Valentines Day.

  5. Georgine says

    Thanks so much for this Idea! B and I made these to give to my sister for Valentines Day. I used some heart printed issue to wrap the stems and then tied with a bow. I think we’ll make a couple more to give to her teachers this week. Thanks again for sharing this great idea!!


  1. […] Bouquet of hearts – I think this one is sweet. While everyone you know might not love a bouquet of pipe cleaners and paper hearts, I think a parent or grandparent would love them. I think Old Grandma would probably put this bouquet in a vase. And leave it there for years. […]

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