Letter of the Week Q !

Quinoa Q !
This isn’t the prettiest project ever but the tactile element of the quinoa was a big hit . If you are not familiar with quinoa, it’s a yummy grain that is similar to cous cous but healthier for you! We love it and it also makes a great addition to a sensory tub , it’s small, soft on little hands and not nearly as hard on your feet as lentils. You will want a broom or dust buster handy after this craft.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 2 pieces of construction paper, markers( or crayons), glue, scissors and dry quinoa.
  2. Start by drawing a large uppercase Q on one piece of construction paper.
  3. Have your child decorate it with markers if they choose. This is a time when you can talk about the letter, making it’s sound, talking about upper vs lowercase. Or just letting your child get into coloring. My son was doing this while his dad had lunch and narrated every step to dad at the other end of the table.
  4. Cut the beautiful Q out.
  5. Glue onto the 2nd piece of paper
  6. Add more glue! We took turns , he made puddles of glue and I made a thin line.
  7. Add the quinoa – before sprinkling it on, give your child some time to play and feel it. We talked about how it is dry and not cooked yet, we don’t eat it like this. My son made the connection that it’s like rice and I had a proud mama moment.
  8. Let dry.

More Alphabet Books!

“Alphabetter” by Dan Bar-el and Graham Ross is another great alphabet book for you to check out. Each letter is represented by a child who has something that starts with the same letter as their name but doesn’t have what they want which starts with the following letter. It’s such a cute gimmick and so effective while reading that it’s not a gimmick at all! At the end of the book all the children pass the items back down the alphabet and everyone gets what they want. Awesome book for toddlers on up !

“The Alphabet From A To Y With The Bonus Letter Z” by Steve Martin was introduced to me by Rebecca when she sent it in for this post . When I saw it at the library I grabbed it and so glad I did. It’s a fun book with silly rhymes for each letter and I was surprised that my son sat all the way through it. It’s a pretty long alphabet book for a toddler. I liked the details in the illustrations even if the sometimes gross humor was not my favorite, but kids will love it !

“All Aboard : A traveling alphabet” by Bill Mayer was more fun for my husband and I than for my son but that’s not a bad thing. It’s a book of pictures, with hidden letters in them. For example the letter O is overpass with loops of road and hidden in it is an O. Some letters were easy to find some were hilariously hard. We read this to my son tonight at bedtime and while we stared at the letter H ( highway) picture debating where the h was, he fell asleep between us in his bed. This is a great alphabet book for families with children just learning and those who have mastered the alphabet. Oh and the debate was settled , we were both wrong. The final page highlights the letter in each picture in a compilation of the whole alphabet.

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  1. Anissa says

    I’m starting to get all my stuff together for school next year. My 3 year old will join us this year for homeschool. I’ve gotten so many wonderful ideas from you! TFS


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