Dragonfly Craft

spring craft for kids

I made this ages ago, and with all the holiday crafts it has been bumped. It couldn’t wait any longer. I love , no adore how this turned out and wish I had a reason to make more! The stenciling will probably be very frustrating for toddlers and most preschoolers but my son loved playing with the finished product.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a few doilies, a marker, a piece of construction paper,a few pieces of white paper scissors, tape and a art dauber or a bingo dauber.
  2. Start by drawing 1 large and 1 smaller wing on your white paper.
  3. Layer a second piece under it and cut out.
  4. Lay your doily on the wing and stencil. Simply paint on it by going straight up and down, it’s pretty forgiving but you may want a few doilies on hand in case it gets soggy.
  5. Let wings dry.
  6. Draw a body and head on the construction paper.
  7. Paint
  8. Cut out and let dry.
  9. Tape the wings onto the unpainted side of the body and you are done.
Is your child too young for this project?
Try this ladybug project or maybe this fun butterfly one.
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  1. Mom, M.Ed. (Jessica) says


    When we did our Schoolroom Makeover and moved furniture, etc. I lifted a few crocheted doilies off my vanity and had lovely stenciled patterns of dust in their places! LOL

    My dust stenciling was lovely in its own way. 🙂

    Love the dragonfly!

    P.S., To the other ladies: I've seen the dot markers in Discount School Supply's catalog!

  2. Allie says

    Thanks !

    Jessica you are cracking me up! I get dust squares on my night side table where the books I am not reading sit between dustings!

    Amber- I bet she could handle it too!

    The art daubers are from Michael's I have seen them at Joanne's , LakeShore Learning, and recently at Target.

    In Canada my mom has seen them at Micahel's, and Scholars Choice. I should have her see if they have them at Superstore too.

  3. Jen says

    We did this TODAY! The little 5 year old that I babysit, loved it!

    Also, read your post about your craft closets and you have really inspired me to get more supplies on hand and organized.

    We have those dot markers, but by another brand. I think I found them at Fred Meyer.


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