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Kids Hanukkah Craft

These crafts come from Michelle  from Chic Baby New York who is a former teacher and mom who generously shared her creativity – she mentioned that a No Time For Flash Cards craft last year inspired the Star of David  craft , can you tell which one? Yes our Snowglobe Snowman!   Thanks Michelle.

Hanukkah Star of David

Kids Hanukkah Craft


1 Sheet of white card stock, paint (I used roller paint), pencil, ribbon, sequence, tape, glitter pens ( or regular glitter), hole puncher, contact paper & scissors.Hanukkah Kids Craft

1) Trace out a star of DavidHanukkah Kids Craft

2) Paint it (we used blue) and let dry.Hanukkah Kids Craft

3) Cut out a piece of contact paper about a rectangular size since you will be folding it over…make sure it will be big enough to cover the center of the star (folded).

4)Add glitter and sequence to the contact paper and fold over in half when done, making sure there is no exposed sticky areas. Just so you know, the glitter pens leave a little glue film when dryed, so if you want it clearer, you should use regular glitter.Han5

5) Cut out the center of the star and attach the glittered contact paper part with tape.Star of David Kids Craft

6) Punch a hole at the top and put a string through it to hang it up.Kids Hanukkah Craft

A Menorah of shapes.

Kids Hanukkah Craft


2 pieces of construction paper, 1 piece of white paper, 9 sequences, glue, scissors and a marker.Chanukkah  Kids Craft

1) Trace out the shapes for the Menorah on 1 piece of paper.  You will need to draw a semi circle, a large square, a long rectangle, a small square. Chanukkah Kids Craft

2) On the other paper, cut out 9 rectangles for the candles, I just eyed them instead of tracing them like on the Menorah. Cut everything out.Menorah4

3) Start gluing.  I outlined the Menorah in glue but the little one did the candles. I was told I didn’t make the glue outline ‘big enough’.Chanukkah Kids Craft

4) Add the round sequences for the flames, which is a great fine motor skill practice. You could cut out little triangles for the flames (to take the ‘shape’ theme all the way) or even using crumpled tissue paper or glitter.Holiday Kids Craft

5) Completed (with a lot of extra glue everywhere…which is how we like it)!Kids Hanukkah Craft

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