Princess Valentine

heartwandIt’s been a long time since we made a naptime creation. What that is for those new here are crafts for older kids- older being relative of course. This would be perfect for the 5-8 crowd! Instead of candy, cookies or the plain old paper valentine’s why not make your friends their very own princess wand? This valentine will be used long after February 14th! I chose to make a fringe but you could glue on sequins or plastic gems too!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some sparkly sticky back foam, a dowel, a hole punch,double stick tape,  some ribbon, a marker, scissors, some fun card stock and a cookie cutter for a stencil . Princess Valentine
  2. Start by tracing the heart cookie cutter on the back of the foam.Princess Valentine
  3. Cut out.
  4. Punch holes in both foam pieces, make sure they match up!Princess Valentine
  5. Peel the backing off and sandwich the dowel in between the sticky foam.Princess Valentine
  6. Cut the ribbon into short pieces.Princess Valentine
  7. Tie the ribbon onto the wand. Princess Valentine
  8. Using pretty card stock  and double stick tape make a gift tag and write a message.Princess Valentine
  9. Tie onto the wand and it’s ready to be given to your fellow princess!  Princess Valentine

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  1. Vanessa Kerr says

    This is great, anything to not encourage more sugar! Yesterday we made dance streamers, using a package of 8 pencils and a “Congrats graduate” decoration from the $1. We cut off the long attached ribbons from the decoration and taped it on a pencil. We were able to make 8 for $2. I must admit that I enjoyed dancing around to some good samba beats song after song even when the toddlers were done.


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