Musical Hearts Game

musical hearts gross motor game for kidsWe aren’t stuck in a snowstorm but we are stuck waiting for our furnace to be fixed and moving keeps us warm and having fun.  You can write anything on your hearts from numbers they need to identify, to physical tasks like we did to something trickier for older kids. Customize it to your child and have fun.

  1. Gather your materials. I am using foam hearts because they stand up well to being stepped and walked on, but paper would do in a pinch, just dont’ expect it to be used more than once.  You will also need a marker and some music you can pause easily.Preschool Movement Activity
  2. Write out different tasks for your child to do when they come to this heart – mine were mostly physical things: Jump on one foot, crab walk, 5 push ups, break dance etc.. I also included sing the ABCs and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  Preschool Movement Activity
  3. Lay the hearts out face down in a circle. Preschool Movement Game
  4. Start the music and play. It’s just like musical chairs only when the music stops you do the task on the heart that you were standing on when you stopped. We had a blast! He preferred Bon Jovi to kids music so we were rockin’ out!

I would let them walk ( to the music) longer than we did for the video, we were trying to get a good snapshot for the post. After I put the camera down we all played for another full round.  Fun family time !

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  1. Lindsay says

    Such a fun idea! We’ll try this tomorrow! We made your Olympic torches this morning and the kids LOVE them – they cannot wait to march around with them tonight during the Opening Ceremony. Thanks for the idea!
    .-= Lindsay´s last blog ..Getting Ready for the Games =-.

    • admin says

      You know, most of it really does just pop in. Some people have talent for writing or sports- mine seems to be brainstorming and adapting exisiting activities to meet my needs. I am glad you like it, we have really been having a blast with it.

      Oh and yes we are huge SYTYCD fans and my son LOVED legacy he has no clue what it means to break dance but if I say ” Do your Legacy dance” he clues in.

  2. Bev Warsme says

    A person continually create the best exciting articles. Therefore you always seem to consider bad/boring points as well as move these people into exciting/interesting items. I am the reader for a lifetime!

  3. Toni says

    Just came across your website last night. Had some felt hearts from a Valentine’s Day decoration laying around so we whipped this up this morning. We wrote activities on both sides of the hearts so that each time we play, it will be a little different. My daughter loved it and can’t wait to teach her new game to daddy when he gets home tonight. Thanks!


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