Make and Count Ladybugs

This number activity combines  number recognition, counting and one to one correspondence. All preschool math skills that are the building blocks for learning addition, subtraction and more complicated operations. This activity is easy to make simpler by reducing how many bugs you use, and using smaller numbers.  If your child has mastered these skills make the bugs into equations. Write 2+4 on the bug and have them use the dots as manipulatives and solve the equation with them!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some black, red and yellow construction paper, a marker, googly eyes and glue. I also used a piece of cardboard to anchor all 4 bugs. Preschool Math Activity
  2. Start by drawing the outline of a lady bug on one of the colored sheets of construction paper. Preschool Math Activity
  3. Cut out all 4 bugs and glue on the cardboard, add smiles if you want!Preschool Math Activity
  4. Cut out black dots for the bugs, after step 5 you may need to cut a few extra out but I found it easier to keep the activity flowing than make my son wait while I cut out the exact numbers he chose. We had a few left overs actually.  Preschool Math Activity
  5. Ask your child to choose a number for each bug. By letting your child choose the numbers it gives them some control which I am sure you agree is a great thing for preschoolers! Write the numbers out on each bug. If your child is able, have them write the number even if it’s huge and messy encourage them to try! Preschool Math Activity
  6. Add glue and the dots to each bug. Have your child count out the number as they add the glue. If your child needs some help with counting , do the glue yourself so your child is simply matching up the dots to the glue. Preschool Math Activity
  7. Encourage your child to count out loud as they add the dots, especially with preschoolers who have a tendency to skip numbers if they are counting out loud, you can intervene and encourage them to start again.  Use gentle corrections and lots of praise. By adding the dots one and a time this encourages one to one correspondence naturally. Preschool Math ActivityPreschool Math Activity
  8. After all the spots have been added to the bugs add glue for the googly eyes. Preschool Math Activity
  9. Add the eyes and let dry. Preschool Math Activity

Need a book about bugs to continue this lesson?

Bug Books!

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  1. nikki says

    Thanks, Allie! My boys had fun with the ladybugs (the extra bugs were eaten by dinosaurs with sharp teeth…).
    Do you have a FB page where we can share pics? I’ve done a few of your projects with my 20mo old and 3.5y/o – it’s neat to see them do the same thing and so easy to adjust for my younger little dude.

    Little loved painting with the q-tip and “dot dot dot” ing the Spring Bud Tree. Today he just played gluestick with the bugs and dots. While I was cutting the project, Little practiced ripping paper while older practiced scissors with some scraps…

    Lots of fine motor all around!

    Idea – when we play Candy Land we’ve started using a 12 or 20 sided die instead of color cards. 3.5y/o knows his colors but needs more practice counting – the die helps with counting and makes the game go faster too 🙂 .

    Thankyou for your projects! 🙂

  2. says

    This is a great project. One my daughter’s favorite bugs these days are lady bugs, and for some reason everything she sees she says “count with me” (I think this may be Dora’s influence).

    I love the idea about using dice with candy land we’re experiencing the same thing here with colors and numbers.
    .-= Jackie ´s last blog ..Grow Potatoes in Straw =-.


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