Recycled Book Order Beads!

recycled bead necklace 004

If your child is school age or if you are lucky enough to get book orders at your preschool or childcare center this craft is for you!  Of course you can also use newspaper , but the book orders are so colorful!  So grab whatever you have,  and make a pretty necklace, or bracelet for Earth Day tomorrow.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some colorful newspaper or Scholastic Book Order fliers, some ribbon, some elastic bands, white glue and scissors.recycled beads
  2. Roll your paper starting from the open ends so when you glue the end it’s one piece not a bunch of pages fanning out, I made two one this way one the other and the other one was  big huge flop . Glue the edge.recycled beads
  3. Add elastics to keep it in place and let dry- mine only took 2 hours to dry, I would expect 2-4 for a good bond. recycled beads
  4. Cut into beads. recycled beads
  5. Thread it onto your ribbon.  If you really want to make a cool bracelet cut those elastics you already used , tie them together and strong the beads on to make an elastic bracelet. I would only do this with an older child though, as it could snap easily, but if they are old enough it would be rad!recycled beads
  6. Voila a recycled bead necklace! recycled bead necklace

Like this idea but have a toddler? Try our  Toilet roll necklace instead!

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  1. says

    I don’t have a picture – but somebody must have one – of the smaller, tighter beads you can make if you cut the magazine into long triangles about 8 inches long, with one edge about an inch wide. Starting with the wide edge, roll the paper onto a toothpick tightly so the point of the triangle ends up in the middle of the bead. When the glue dries, paint it with clear nail polish for a glossy finish and preservation. These are smaller – for more experienced hands.

    • admin says

      Yes that was the inspiration for this – I made those in a jewelry making daycamp I lead in 1994? ages ago. I think we used modge podge to get a nice lacquer. They really are pretty, perfect for 8-12 year olds, and pretty enough to give away too!


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