Rainy Day Physical Activity

We live outside Seattle and even for us this spring has been rainy. This activity is a perfect example of simple being wonderful. As soon as I told my son about my idea he was eager to start, so this wasn’t our most polished project, but trust me we had a ball. I don’t know about the kids in your house but in ours we need to work up a sweat inside or out to ensure a smooth bedtime and great sleep. So rain or shine we need to move our bodies!

  1. Gather your materials – all you need are some card stock ( index cards would be awesome) , a marker, and scissors if you need to cut the card stock.
  2. Write out different actions, exercises, and physical feats twice.
  3. Cut and make two piles.
  4. To play you need two players ( I played as well- trust me you don’t need to see me do karate kicks in my Pjs…not a pretty sight). Each player gets a pile.  The premise is simple both players put their pile of cards face down,  count out loud to 3 and flip .
  5. Then do the action on the card.
  6. Keep flipping and moving!
  7. Exercise will make you strong!


Like all the books this week this one Strong Stickfiggy is one of the ebooks available on the  free MeMeTales’ Mobile Reader App . We read it on my iPod , under the covers pretending it was the Batcave ( do not tell me that shocks you…).  You don’t have to read it in a Batcave or even at home , you can read it anywhere which is my favorite part of this app.

Strong Stickfiggy
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Strong Stickfiggy

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  1. says

    Such a cute activity. Did you draw pictures on the cards to help your son out with “reading” the activities on the cards or did you just read them for him? I will need to try this on our next rainy day… though would also be fun to do outside.

    • admin says

      You could totally draw pictures. My son helped me choose the movements ( so he was already familiar with the words we chose) and then I helped him read the ones that were too hard for his reading ability.

  2. says

    This activity couldn’t have been posted at a better moment! it’s raining here. a lot. and I was looking for something new to do with the kids! thanks! and i’m sorry, i don’t know why this is all in bold uppercase!

  3. Kacey says

    I’ve played something similar with mine, but I always just called out the movements, the cards are a good idea! My son LOVES to dance and so I sometimes check out instructional dance videos from the library. He works hard to try to keep up with the (usually much older) kids on the screen and gets to try out different dance styles, too.

  4. admin says

    When I redesigned somehow I flubbed the font for the comments. I will add it to my must fix list ( does it ever get shorter??) First time I commented I was like WTH?? too. Sorry technology is so not my thing.

  5. says

    I always enjoy your games and activities ideas. It is so simple, easy and yet creative to get the kids to move, enjoy themselves and learn at the same time. I will try out this activity for their coming holiday.

  6. Carol says

    We loved this! It rained all day here, and my boys (3 & 5) and I played “the rainy day game” for forever! This was so much easier than my previous attempts at obstacle courses, or “then what” wherein they run around and then ask “then what”. The cards add a lot of excitement (and fine motor skills). Thank you!!!


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