Flower Gift Box – Mother’s Day Craft

easy mother's day craft

I can’t speak for you but at my house I am the “make everything awesome for special occasions” person.  I bake the cakes, I get the balloons, I plan the kid made gifts… so usually when I am the recipient I miss out on the handmade stuff. This Mother’s Day craft takes care of that and gets your partner or other non crafty person off the hook too. Your child can make you a box and while that is no surprise the gift inside still can be.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some paint, glue, pom poms ( sequins would be rad ), coffee filters or cupcake liners and a box with a lid.kids mother's day craft
  2. Start by painting your coffee liner. I am teaching my daughter colors right now so I line the paints up and ask her to choose so I get a great chance to label the color. ” Which do you want? The purple paint? Nice choice!” I don’t limit or control which she chooses , it just gives me a chance to be very deliberate in labeling them.mother's day craft for kids
  3. Paint!
  4. Choose another color when the enthusiasm wanes.
  5. Add glue to the middle. Make sure you have a drop cloth or in our case an old cutting board because the filters will let glue through.
  6. Add pompoms.
  7. And more pompoms!
  8. Glue to the top of the box , we didn’t have to ad much to the box because there was so much seeping through.
  9. Let dry .
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