21 Easy Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

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kids crafts Every time I’ve asked my kids what they wanted to make this week they both said ” Turkeys!” I warn you now that there may be a bunch of turkey crafts around here this year. Before I start posting too many new Thanksgiving crafts I wanted to make sure we shared our archives of easy Thanksgiving crafts . I have gathered simple crafts for Thanksgiving from years past for you to find easily all in one place. Also do not miss our Walk Through History . It will take your child from England , across the Atlantic on the Mayflower and finally to the table at the very first Thanksgiving. Check it out here.

Thankful Garland
Foam Turkey Magnet
Stuffed Football Craft
Mosaic Indian Corn
Turkey Baster Painting
Thank You Handprint Wreath
Shape Scarecrow
Bubble Wrap Indian Corn
Thankful Box
Counting Turkey
Turkey Craft For Toddlers
Pumpkin Printing
Thanksgiving Sensory Tub
Candy Corn Math Tray
Shape Turkey Craft
Paper Plate Scarecrow
Fine Motor Turkey Craft
Marshmallow Indian Corn
Potato Print Turkey
Pilgrim Hat Cookies
Confetti Corn Craft


Native American Headdress – this craft was removed after a fantastic discussion with an Native American educator who explained the sacredness of Headdresses and how even a well intentioned craft was not appropriate.I know many of us have created these crafts with children for may years with good intentions but when you know better you do better so I have removed it from my site.

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  1. Danielle says

    Oh my goodness, I’m so glad I found you. I love how you emphasize what the adult should be doing and what the child should be doing. I find myself way more frustrated than I have to be. I just want to prep what I can and let them have FUN! Instead of being a nag!

  2. Maura says

    Oh Thank you!! 21 thanks to be exact. This is exactly what I needed today to get ready for the holiday. I’m not sure if my boys will be as excited- both under 4 and not all that interested in art/crafts- but hope my enthusiasm is contagious!! Love your daily emails / site and all the inspiration you provide. Cheers ~


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