Paper Bag Jellyfish Craft (and color mixing too)

ocean themed crafts Last week my son was in a super cool day camp and I took some time to have good one on one time with my daughter. We have a ton of jellyfish ( or sea jellies ) around where we live and we can see them floating in the water as well as all over the beaches.  After a trip to the beach we decided to make this simple jellyfish craft. We ended up making a whole family of paper bag jellyfish, the color mixing exploration was not planned but very much an added bonus.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need one paper bag per jelly fish, some googly eyes, glue, paint brushes , a mix of paint colors, glitter glue, and scissors ( pinking sheers are a plus! ) ocean crafts
  2. Start by painting your paper bags. My daughter jumped right in and started making pink, but her exploration of color mixing led to green and blackish brown too. This is one reason why I try ( although fail miserably sometimes) to only do a project when I have a good block of time. I didn’t intent for her to make a whole family or to spend as much time color mixing as she did but both were awesome and having extra time allowed me to sit back and enjoy the ride. color mixing
  3. She painted the first pink and then made a Bubba ( her pet name for her brother) with blue and yellow which of course resulted in green , and a daddy one with the jumble of colors that ended up a deep purplish dark brown. paper bag jelly fish painting with color mixed paint
  4. She ended with herself a pretty pink. We are very very very much in a pink stage. All her clothes that are not pink haven’t been touched in weeks. Do you know how many cute clothes she has that are blue? That’s a story for another day. Back to the craft… paper bag jelly fish craft painting with pink paint
  5. Next add glitter. Everything even jellyfish are better with glitter. We used glitter glue which is only a fraction as messy as loose glitter. paper bag jelly fish and glitter glue
  6. Let dry – we had lunch, picked up her brother and played school while we waited for them to dry.paper bag jelly fish let dry
  7. Cut. I cut the bags with pinking sheers and did it roughly so there would be some movement. Older kids might love this, my daughter likes cutting but was unsure about cutting painted paper. paper bag jelly fish cut
  8. Add glue. Like the new but also pink dress ? paper bag jelly fish craft for toddlers
  9. Add the googly eyes and let dry again. paper bag jelly fish family

Books About Ocean Animals

comotion in the ocean

Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae is a happy book full of rhymes about all sorts of sea creatures, including jelly fish. Each page has rhyming text that goes along with the animal. The book is cute and the illustrations are bright and bold. My son enjoyed it pointing out the animals. That said it’s not a must buy, more like a great to have on hand when you are specifically learning about the subject.

Hooray For Fish

Hooray for Fish!  by Lucy Cousins gets are huge “Hooray” from our house. I thought my son would think this book was a little young for him. He’s started saying board books are for babies, and he’s a big boy and even though this isn’t a board book it’s simple, big and bright like one. Nope, he loved it. Little Fish takes the readers on a tour of all the different kinds of fish , the bright fun illustrations are so interesting to look at , and choose your favorite fish on each page. The rhymes are fun and when we finished reading my son immediately asked to read it again! Edited for 2011 – now that he is almost 5 he flatly refused to read this with me but his sister who is 14 months liked it!

Way Down Deep In the deep blue sea

Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea by Jan Peck is about a little boy swimming in the “deep” looking for treasure. Along the way he encounters different sea animals. The cute kicker is that all along the little boy is really in his bath tub and the animals are just toys. I liked the twist and so did my son who then requested a laundry basket to play bath, funny how he didn’t actually want a bath… a mom can dream! Edited for 2011 – My son re discovered this book as we were setting up the playroom in our new house. It’s still a hit with him after 2 years.

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