Easy Easter Activities For Toddlers

easter crafts for toddlers Toddlers are a special blend of curiosity ,new found independence, kindness, and chaos. That is why I adore this age group and am amazed at how many wonderful things they can create and learn if given the chance. These easy Easter activities give toddlers that chance to explore their curiosity and creativity as well as work on important skills like hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, pre-literacy and pre-math skills too. Activities with this age group ( 1-3 years old) tend to be quick. That is age appropriate so don’t force kids to keep going when they are done. One trick I loved using while teaching was to offer more materials as the activity goes on … ” Do you want glitter? I just found pink paint do you want some? ” I would never require it but offering options in smaller doses lets them process it all carefully and sometimes it stretches out the activity, sometimes it doesn’t. Have a basket of Easter themed books ready to extend the activity further. You can check out some of our favorite Easter books here.

Bubble Wrap Easter Egg Painting
Simple Cotton Ball Bunny
Sandpaper and Felt Carrot Shape Matching

Alphabet For Starters
Easter Egg Letter Discovery
Bunny Ears Hat
Torn Paper Collage Carrot

q-tip easter egg fine motor
Q-Tip painted Easter Eggs
Easter Egg Color Match
Easter Egg Letter Match

painted easter eggs
Rock Easter Eggs
Easy Easter Egg Collages
Bunny & Egg Color Match
Easter Egg Letter E Craft

kids crafts for easter
Marshmallow Painted Easter Bunny
Opposite Texture Easter Egg

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  1. says

    I like how you considered that maybe the kids’ rationale isn’t the same as ours as the ‘craft supervisor’ and how, in arts and crafts, that’s okay and maybe even better for creativity!

    My favorite toddlers enjoy crafts that let them get a little messy /gooey so I like your mixed media ones with both paint and glueable.

    Last time I did a craft with plastic eggs we counted out exactly 5 pebbles (which we’d collected on a garden walk) to put inside, and then used them as shakers with a song the next day (after the glue / tape dried but sadly not before some of the sequins were completely dried on).

    Great collection and thanks!

  2. Linda Hahn says

    Dear Allison,
    I’m a retired Special Ed teacher (67 years old) and I take care of my Grandchildren-girl 3 1/2(may have some learning problems) and boy 1 1/2(with language problems)6 days a week. (Mother& Father work and spend little time with them other than letting them watch TV.) I feel very responsible for leading them on the path to learning.
    You and so many other great Moms are doing wonderful things with your kids and on your blogs (which I subscribe to). However, I’m overwhelmed by all the ideas and preparation and I’m also very tired by the end of the day..my age. I feel very responsible for enriching my Grandchildren’s life and I’m “freaking out”!! I feel most responsible for my 3 1/2 Granddaughter and want to help her. Is there a plan I can use by just using your blog and maybe an idea or two from some others without reading all of the individual Mom’s blogs and feeling so overwhelmed? Thank you for any help you can give me..I badly need some strucdture!!

  3. Amy Taylor says

    I love this site!! I just came across it will looking for Easter crafts for toddlers! It is brilliant it has so many great fun exciting ideas. I cant wait to try! The little one I mind is going to be so happy, they love art and crafts!

    Thank you!!

  4. macy says

    This is such a great list of ideas! I’m always looking for new ideas for things to do with my daughter especially when the holidays come around and this list fits her age group perfect! (She’s 2) 🙂 thanks so much!!

  5. Kam Kay says

    Wow! Loving all the great Easter ideas with toddlers. Thanks a bunch for sharing! I am planning to share one or two of those on my blog, with just an image and a link back. I will share the link with you when the round up of activities is up. Hope you don’t mind!


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