11 Heart Art Projects For Kids

heart art projects for kids valentine's day These art projects all more focused on the process more than product, sure they end up with a heart or many hearts but the focus is on how the art is  made not what is made. One simple step that I do to help my students and kids focus on the process is to avoid showing them a sample. I find that when children see a sample they immediately focus on copying and “getting it right”. There is NO right or wrong with art. If you are a preschool teacher like me you’ve probably felt the pressure to make things to prove you are doing more than “just playing” at school ( which is a topic for another day) while also trying to provide your students with developmentally appropriate activities. Finding that balance is what these heart shaped process art activities are all about.


heart crafts for kids

Love Bomb! 

Watercolor and Hot Glue Hearts

Mosaic Paper Heart 

Heart Painted Rocks 

heart crafts for toddlers and preschoolers

Hole Punched Hearts 

Painting Heart Cookies from The Artful Parent

Shake Painted Hearts 

Coffee Filter Hearts

heart shaped crafts and activities for kids

Cookie Cutter Glue and Glitter Hearts

Paper Roll Heart Stamps from Happy Hooligans

Heart Suncatcher 





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