Photo Wreath – Valentine’s Day Kids Craft

valentine's day heart wreathEvery holiday whether it’s a hallmark one or not deserves a wreath! This craft uses holiday photo cards and recycles them into a fun Valentine’s tribute to friendship. You can also sneak in a color mixing lesson if you want , by making pink paint with red and white. As you will see further down when a 2 year old has decided he is done- there isn’t much you can do.
Roll with it !
  1. Gather your materials. You will need a paper plate, a cereal box, some paint, glue, a marker, scissors , some ribbon, photos and a heart shaped paper punch.
  2. Draw some hearts on your cereal box.
  3. Have your child paint the hearts. Let dry.
  4. While they are painting, cut out pictures of your friends using the paper punch. Older children can do this themselves after finishing painting.
  5. Cut out the center of the paper plate.
  6. Cut out the hearts.
  7. Try and try and try to get your child from the sink to come and glue the hearts on but understand that bubbles and water are second only to Dora the Explorer and accept defeat.
  8. Glue the pictures on the middle of the hearts.
  9. Glue onto the paper plate- even if your child hasn’t staged a mutiny this step is tricky so be prepared to help a lot .
  10. I put my plastic place mat on my wreath for a few minutes to press it down, it did the trick!
  11. Let dry.
  12. Loop some ribbon around it and hang up to cherish your friends this Valentine’s Day !
Books !

“Jessica” by Kevin Henkes is a cute book for anyone who may have a child who has an imaginary friend. I think it’s more a book for adults to clue back into what these invisible people really are all about than a book for kids, although your child will like it. The story follows a little girl Ruthie and her imaginary friend Jessica. I have had children over the years tell me they can see the invisible Jessica in the pictures and I am just too old to see. As a parent I so enjoy this author’s ability to remind big people the depth and complexity of small children’s emotions and motivation. He gets it !

” Slugs In Love “ by Susan Pearson had me giggling while reading it. The story is about 2 slugs who write poetry to each other while admiring each other from afar. The book is too complex for the tiny crowd but PreK and up will appreciate the humor and it could be a great springboard for a unit on poetry . A silly but fun book about those slimy garden pests!

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  1. Infant Bibliophile says

    I LOVE this idea! We were thinking about pasting faces down and making fake money this week starring family members, but a circle of family would be so much nicer. Our little guy enjoys sticking things down, and he’d get a lot of use out of pointing to relatives who live far away afterward. Thanks for the idea. 🙂

  2. Megan from Imaginif says

    Ohhhhh. I simply love this idea. I am a child therapist (well…I used to be) with specialisation in protective behaviours. This activity would work perfectly as a support person/network activity.


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