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underground u letter of the week

The letter u is always a challenge  to find a word that your child could understand and recognize the connection to the craft, as well as figuring out how to make the craft.  Today’s craft was fun to make, my son is so eager to cut things that he loved making the grass, he asked me to add some earthworms to the dirt. I think if your child is older and not too overwhelmed by a longer craft making some shoes and legs to go on the grass would be very cool!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 3 pieces of construction paper ( 1 should be brown and one green the other is optional) , glue, scissors and markers.Letter of the week craft
  2. Start by writing a lower case u on the 3rd piece of construction paper.Letter of the week craft
  3. Have your child color it if they want. It’s been interesting to watch my son trace the inside first then go nuts scribbling over it.Letter of the week craft
  4. Cut the green paper so that it covers the top 1/5th of the brown paper.Letter of the week craft
  5. Hand it to your child and have then cut one side to make grass.Letter of the week craft As you can see this was the highlight for my son. Lette of the week craft
  6. While they do that cut the u out.
  7. If they want to color the brown dirt they can my son added worms and asked me to as well.
  8. Add glue to the top for the grass.Letter of the week craft
  9. Add the grass.Letter of the week craft
  10. Add the u to the dirt , under the grass so it’s underground!Letter of the week craft


Up Above and Down Belowby Sue Redding is about 30 years too late, because this would have been my favorite book as a preschooler! I love this book, I have been reading and re-reading it just awwing at the pictures and how cool it is to see what goes on above ground vs below, on the deck of a ship vs below and my favorite one the golf course! My son and I poured over the pictures, finding different things every time we looked at a page. Great book and I hope to see so many more from this author! This book is the perfect fit for this craft!
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