Family Medals

We are a very outwardly affectionate family with lots of hugs, kisses and loving nick names , Stink Bug is loving right? But this activity isn’t so much about celebrating what we all love about eachother it’s about thanking , praising and even boosting self esteem. Although I wrote the specific awards my son dictated them and it was interesting to see what he valued most for both my husband and I as well as himself.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some plastic ( metal will work too) lids, double stick tape ( glue is fine we are trying to keep glue to a minimum while we sell our house), card stock , a black permanent marker, colored markers , scissors, ribbon, glitter glue and strong tape.
  2. Start by tracing the lids on the card stock.
  3. Ask your child who they want to make medals for and what they want to write. If they can write have them do it. My son dictated them for me to write, his writing is too big and he would get very frustrated when it didn’t fit. Always ask though, don’t assume they want you to do it.
  4. Time to color the medals.
  5. Add some bling ( glitter glue). Let dry.
  6. Cut out.
  7. Add double stick tape to the lids.
  8. Stick the medals on.
  9. Add ribbon to the back with tape.
  10. Present to your family.

You may notice we didn’t make one for my daughter, she is simply too young to have anything around her neck even while supervised. Let that be your reminder to closely supervise kids when they have anything around their necks.

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  1. says

    My son would love this. Very cute. 🙂 He loves necklaces, and we are big on nicknames too. We also made medallions recently. My son has just started the magic treehouse series books (and an online game). We made bronze (with bronze prang paint), silver (aluminum foil), and gold (glitter glue) medallions. Nice way to learn a few elements.


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