24 Christmas Books For Kids

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Christmas books We are off to the library today to grab what’s left of their Christmas books for kids to go with all our upcoming Christmas themed crafts and activities. These 24 books are memorable ones from years past . If you click on the book title below it will take you to the original review post . One of my favorite ways of getting my kids into the spirit of Christmas is our holiday book tradition.

What’s your family’s  favorite Christmas book?

  1. A Small Christmas
  2. Albert’s Christmas
  3. Bear Stays Up For Christmas
  4. Christmas In The Barn
  5. Cock-A-Doodle Christmas
  6. Great Joy
  7. Guess Who’s Coming To Santa’s For Dinner?
  8. Happy Christmas Gemma
  9. Ho, Ho, Ho, Tucker
  10. How Santa Got His Job
  11. It’s Christmas
  12. Merry Christmas Mouse
  13. Merry Christmas Ollie
  14. Merry Un-Christmas
  15. My Penguin Osbert
  16. Olive The Other Reindeer
  17. Only A Star
  18. Santa Kid
  19. The Little Drummer Mouse
  20. The Night Before Christmas
  21. The Star Tree
  22. The Twelve Days Of Christmas
  23. What is Christmas?
  24. Who is Coming to Our House?


  1. says

    Oh this brings back some memories! Isn’t reading to our kids (or ANY kids) one of the most amazing and memorable things you can do? I remember “Merry Christmas, Mouse” especially, and found your site originally from your great post on using old toothbrushes for art!

  2. Juliane says

    I have a new crop of about 20 kids every holiday season and I LOVE to read a book called “The Christmas Orange” by Don Gilmor and Marie-Louise Gay. It’s about a spoiled young boy who doesn’t get everything he wants for Christmas so he sues Santa. It’s a good way to teach kids to be thankful for anything and everything they get for the holidays.

    • admin says

      Zina – I am so glad! My kids and I had a huge Christmas book festival this weekend and have another 24 ready for a post!

  3. Liz McChesney says

    Also check out Marla Frazee’s Santa Clause: The World’s Number One Toy Expert for a fresh take on how Santa finds just the right gift for kids. Readers will delight in the many cups of cocoa they find of Santa’s…and Frazee’s Caldecott award winning illustrations mean that every page is a present waiting to be unwrapped.


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