15 Recycled Paper Roll Crafts For Earth Day

toilet roll crafts

I don’t know many households that don’t have a few empty paper rolls hanging around. They are great for crafts and we have 15 fun ideas to use paper rolls for. Earth Day is coming up and making one ( or more) of these crafts is a wonderful hands on way to teach your children about recycling.


1.Recycled Sailboat
2.Toilet Roll Frankenstein
3. Paper Roll Rocket
5. Music Shaker
6.Toilet Paper Roll Puppets
7. Toilet Paper Roll Airplane
9. Paper Roll Apples
10.Wrapping Paper Roll Flag
11.Family Bowling
12. Paper Roll Necklace
13. Paper Roll Flutes
14.Superhero Cuff
15. Paper Roll Flowers



  1. says

    Perhaps for the paper roll material , for the flute itself , I bet still can modify to a telescope too ! Which I think can be even extend longer, good for the kids who wish to see the stars at night ! haha =) Kids do love these stuff.


  1. […] Earth Day is all about teaching children to respect the Earth and her resources. Using what we have to make something new lowers our impact on the earth and saves us money–those are two great lessons for any child. This Earth Day we have 15 great ideas to make something new with cardboard rolls. Check it out! See full post… […]

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